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Finacial Service Options 

We believe that no one should be denied the smile they deserve due to financial obsticles. Below our some option that Sleepy Hollow Dental offers to ensure that everyone can afford the proper dental care they need. 

Care Credit


Sadly, even those with dental insurance can be left hanging. The fact of the matter is, some dental services aren't covered by insurance. But there's good news: CareCredit can help you get the healthy smile you've always wanted with special financing options, whether you have insurance or not.


So, when you need a procedure that may stretch your wallet or you want cosmetic dentistry to show off your pearly whites, you can get your dental care promptly with the healthcare credit card designed for your health, beauty and wellness needs. You can also use CareCredit for follow-up appointments or teeth whitening products. That kind of freedom will put a smile on your face.


​We have in office application for your convinience!


Payment Plan


Do you have the finances but not all at once? Thats never a problem at Sleepy Hollow Dental. We also offer extensive, personalized payment plans. Some services nesseary for proper dental health may not be covered by your insurance. Do not panic! We will sit down with you and create a personalized payment plan that fits your needs and financial abilities. 


Payment plans will work for any procedure that is preform in our office. Simply ask to speak with out billing manager and we will be happy to create your individualized payment plan. 


For more information on payment plans e-mail:

Or call:

  • 914-524-0440

And ask for Chris

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